We, as your dry cleaners in the Springfield, MO area, try to provide services for our customers to make their lives easier. A one stop shop you could say. We offer shoe repair, alterations, cleaning of area rugs, wedding gown cleaning and preservation, leather cleaning plus more than just dry cleaning in Springfield, MO. We try to use only local vendors for everything possible. We only outsource to one business out of Springfield and we use a top notch leather cleaner in Kansas City, MO. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for years to come.


We pride ourselves in making your clothing items clean and fresh. They go through a process designed for each and every garment. We treat your garments with the utmost care. We look for spots and any repairs they might need at check in. After the cleaning process we carefully press or steam or dry press each garment as needed. 


We have state of the art equipment to provide the best looking shirt possible. We offer other services like creasing the sleeves, folding for your trips, hand-finishing to make them look perfect. We also offer a wide variety of starches from no starch up to a dip starch for those that like their items to stand on their own. We are not just a dry cleaners.

We offer a service for your area rugs and runners. If we cannot do the item we will take your item done by a reputable company in Springfield, MO.

We offer detailed attention to your table linens... we understand that those particular items get a wide variety of stains on them. So we process each type of stain seperately.

We also provide cleaning for your bedding and window treatments. If you have a concern about the cost of having your items cleaned just ask and we can give you an estimate or we can call you later when we check the items in with a definite price and you can give your ok to procede at that time.


We have a seamstress on staff at our Sunshine location. She is on duty from 10 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday. There are no appts made it is first come first serve. Most alterations take a week. If you need an item or maybe 2 in a hurry we can work you in most of the time but there is a rush fee involved. We are your one stop dry cleaners in Springfield, MO.


We have a processes for all kinds of wedding gowns. Dry cleaning processes and wet cleaning processes. We carefully prespot each gown before we put them through the cleaning process. We also have a process for vintage items as well. We do all of the wet cleaning and dry cleaning on our site in Springfield, MO.


We send all of our leather items to a top notch leather specialist in Kansas City, MO. Since we do not have a quality leather care expert in the Springfield area we send your items to the top leather cleaner in the United States. We also send your designer handbags there as well. But since we have a wonderful furrier in Springfield we send your furs to McDaniel Furs on Glenstone here in Springfield, MO. This is what makes us your dry cleaners in Springfield, MO.


We offer this service for our customer. Although we no longer do the work we use a very reputable company in Springfield, MO. 



At our Sunshine and Fremont locations we offer same day service. If you have your dry cleaning or laundry items in by 8 am we will have them finished by 4 pm. Household items take 2-3 business days.